Warm greetings & welcome to my website!

Hi, I’m Jaymie. I am a soul journey guide and artist, creating and sharing through my paintings, photographs and writing. This website offers a nurturing, online-community space for healing, soul-growth, inspiration, and transformation. It is a safe space to share ideas and encourage each other’s growth by recognising our unique gifts and creative potential. It is also a platform for me to share my soul journey, offer support and some of my creative gifts with you….

The Rainbowtree Woman is about balance and harmony between the Spirit world and Mother Earth. She represents a deep connection with the intuitive wisdom of our soul. I was guided to paint the Rainbowtree Woman about 12 years ago as part of my own personal healing journey. The Rainbowtree Woman Mandala eventually grew into a series of cards depicting my own nature photographs and animal paintings.

The Rainbowtree Woman is my soul guide and guardian angel. I connect with her for inspiration, soul wisdom and strength. She supports my own ongoing transformation as well as my work with men and women to heal, grow and embrace the Sacred Feminine in our heart, body and all of life.

Read more about “Rainbowtree Woman” & “Sessions with Clients”

Do you long to experience life more
from the level of your heart and soul

1 year ago, I was asking a question to my spirit guides about what this really means… and this was their reply to me… read more


Simple living – and being close with nature

Together with my partner, Juerg Dreamturtle and our dog “Cento Cavalli”, we share a nomadic life in our campervan. We spend as much time as possible in nature where we love to gather and use seasonal wild plants, berries, herbs, mushrooms for cooking as well as for medicine.


Juerg is the author of “Sacred Journey – a Simple Book of Soul Wisdom, Love, and Healing.” He offers soul wisdom for people, families, communities, leaders, and companies to evolve and grow in love, compassion, well-being, harmony, and self-sufficiency. You can listen to some of Juerg’s teachings by subscribing to his youtube channel. Our Facebook page, “Sacred Journey” was originally created to share some of our journey’s insights and also teachings from Juerg’s book – “Sacred Journey”.

Thank you for taking the time to read and visit this Rainbowtree Woman Website. Any feedback, comments, and questions are also most welcome here… I look forward to hearing from you.

Much love and blessings!

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All photographs, paintings and text copyright © 2020 Jaymie Elder

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