Web of Light

Life is a mystery.
Much of it is unseen.
Much of it is waiting for us,
in the unknown.

Let us go into the mystery,
the unknown places within ourselves.
Let us shine a light
of our own awareness and love there.

Let us discover and see value,
in the many colours
and diverse rhythms
of our own Soul.

A Sacred Journey,
unique and special
– to each one of us.

Copyright © Jaymie Elder 2016


Web of Life

Walk consciously on the earth,
for everything we do, think and feel
affects the greater web of life.

Heal and enlighten your thread
and the greater web of life
becomes more radiant and more beautiful.

Every moment,…
the potential to change
starts within each one of us.

Photograph 1 / 2: “Spider Web in the Sunlight” Midi Pyrenees, France 2014
Copyright © Jaymie Elder, 2016

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