Working with our shadow in a Soul Relationship by Jaymie Elder – Rainbowtree Woman

Are you longing for a Soul Relationship? What is a Soul Relationship?

“In an honest, conscious relationship both partners know that we touch each other’s wounds – and therefore the relationship can offer us a powerful tool for healing, growth and transformation.”

2016 has seen many partnerships come apart,… whether through separation or the loss of a loved one from the physical earth plane.

In this article, I share about the work which both myself and Juerg believe is most important. I hope that in 2017, many more of us will embrace a new “soul understanding” of how we can heal and grow through the obstacles, challenges and opportunities, which our relationships offer us.

Full article here:…/working-with-our-shadow-in-…/

Please feel free to write to me or leave a comment, question or feedback. Much love, Jaymie Elder

Rainbowtree Woman

Everybody wants a loving relationship,… but few people are really open or prepared for the ongoing commitment and challenge of shadow work i.e. to take full responsibility for our own projections, inner wounds and personal healing.

Relationships are so important because the deeper we are connected to someone physically, emotionally and spiritually – the greater the opportunity or catalyst for healing our inner child and transforming our core wounds.

Without this awareness, we may continue to protect or react from our wounds (hurt inner child) through becoming defensive, angry and blaming others, shutting down or avoiding intimacy altogether.

If we pretend that everything is wonderful and perfect on the outside, we deny ourselves the sacred opportunity to work with the truth – the unpleasant emotions that get triggered in us. It is only through acknowledging that our shadow/wounds exist, that we can begin to grow towards being more authentic and…

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