The Soul Purpose of our Journey

Awakening is an ongoing, transformative, unglamorous and often very difficult process of working with the core truth in ourselves, our life and the world. It is bringing awareness (light) to our wounded (shadow) parts of self. If we remain open, humble and heart centred – the awakening process will help us to relinquish our masks (protection) and journey deeper into our wounds.

Within our core wounds lies the potential for transformation and healing. By transforming our darkness (our wounds, shadow self) with love and compassion, we discover a deeper sense of authenticity of who we are and the true purpose of our journey. We will grow in love and compassion, not only for ourselves, but also for the people who have facilitated hurtful experiences and challenges in our life. We may recognise and feel a deeper connection with our Higher Self, Spirit or Creator.

There are no short cuts or quick fixes. If we believe, we can whitewash our shadow through “being in the now” or pretending our wounds do not exist, we are fooling ourselves. Eventually, our life will show us that we can no longer hide from the truth of our heart, body and life.

On this journey of awakening and transformation, complete and total honesty must be our true compass on the way forward….

Rainbowtree Woman

Do we wish to grow towards being our authentic self,… or continue to be pressured to “achieve” based on the values and expectations of other people and society?

In today’s world, there is much pressure to conform and achieve according to the standards of other people and society. Success is seen as; “being driven”, going places, “looking good”, “getting ahead”, accumulating status, popularity or material possessions.

Are we being true to our heart? Are we sharing the true essence of who we are? Despite our self-doubts and vulnerabilities, do we find the courage to keep moving forward and into the unknown? Is the life we live a reflection of our own gifts, talents, and creative expression? Are we sincerely devoted to our path of healing and growing?

Mainstream society does not encourage self-reflection and completely neglects the inner journey of discovering who we are, embodying our unique, creative potential and a sense…

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