A message for the Soul, at the oldest tree in Europe.




“Castagno dei Cento Cavalli” – Jean-Pierre Houël (1776-1779)

Known as the 100 Horse Chestnut Tree, (“Castagne de Cento Cavalli”), the ancient tree is considered to be between 2000 and 4000 years old. It is the oldest tree in Europe and the oldest Chestnut Tree in the world. The Tree lives on Mount Etna in Sicily, which is the most active volcano in Europe. The Tree has survived several earthquakes, (which have devastated cities along the east coast of the Island), volcanic eruptions, as well as seen the rise and fall of numerous ancient cultures, over thousands of years.

The name “Castagno de cento Cavalli” (Chestnut Tree of 100 horses) derives from a traditional story in which a queen of Aragon and her company of one hundred knights, during a trip to Mount Etna, were caught in a severe thunderstorm. The Queen and her horsemen all took shelter under the tree.

We visited the tree in winter, just as spring is about to arrive here in Sicily. The advantage of this, was to see the structure of the ancient trunk and the beauty of the trees form because there was no foliage.


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A Message for the Soul

My message and personal story is intended to inspire us to see, feel and think beyond our physical human form to the soul being we are. What does our soul long for? How can we take advantage of this transformational time on the earth, and embrace on our Souls Journey? Can we begin to align ourselves with our soul purpose? Are we honouring our unique talents and gifts we were born to share?

*    *    *

“When I create my music, I feel like an instrument of nature.
I wonder what delight nature must feel, when we open our hearts
and express our god given talents….

the sound of approval arose across the universe
and the whole world abounds in magic, wonder fills our hearts
for what we have glimpsed for an instant,
the playfulness of life…”

Michael Jackson

*    *    *

There is a harmony, a rhythm in all of creation which we are a part of. It is through acknowledging, feeling our soul being and the soul in all of nature, that we come back into our heart centre. As we honour our truth and progress on this Soul Journey, our energy and time is focused less on short term, superficial or materialistic desires and ambitions. We are more open to feel and see the magic and wonder, which surrounds us. We are more present to each moment and conscious of how we can be of service to humanity, all of life and Mother Earth.


“Cento Cavalli” A new born, abandoned puppy I found under the 100 Horse Chestnut Tree.
Juerg and I are taking care of Cento Cavalli and after 10 days, he is doing very well.

Video: Message for the Soul, at the Oldest Tree in Europe (6mins)

My work is about supporting others through personal sessions to heal and grow towards their authentic self – and a life in harmony with their heart and soul being. I also love to support people to connect with the magic and beauty of nature, through my paintings and photographs.


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