The Journey of the Soul is not about looking pretty….

The featured image for this post is a photograph I took of an ancient Holm Oak Tree in the Madonie National Park, Sicily. Every time I am in this Park, I connect with a different tree. Many of the Holm Oaks are between 500 to 800 years old. This tree with its huge crack in the centre of the trunk was obviously struck by lightning – perhaps hundreds of years ago? For me, this majestic being is a celebration and reflection of the Journey of the Soul.

Rainbowtree Woman

If we only think of ourselves and each other in terms of our dense, physical human bodies, life can be incredibly limiting.

By this, I do not mean the over-used New Age cliché – “We are already love and light” – therefore we do not have to look within and work with our own shit (shadow)! 🙂

What I mean is, mainstream society forces us to be overly focused on external appearances – looking pretty, material wealth, achieving results… all of which mean absolutely nothing to the soul.

Get to know the soul being you are…the wise, ancient being inside of you, which is eternal, compassionate, honest and true.

Soul work will always challenge us to go deeper – to remove our false masks, limiting beliefs and above all, be honest and true to ourselves and others.

We cannot get to know our soul unless we are prepared to crack…

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