Italian Alps: Dandelions, traditional Walser people, wild nature, rain on our rooftop and Cento Cavalli

The following short movie is a few moments from 1 day in the Italian Alps with us…



Together with my partner Juerg Dreamturtle, I write, create and share a life of nomadic travel in our campervans (North America and in Europe). Wherever possible we spend time in nature gathering wild foods, i.e mushrooms, berries and wild weeds for cooking as well as medicine. We love to share with people and cultures, which are devoted to live a simple life in harmony with Mother Earth.

Our Facebook page, “Sacred Journey” was created to share some of our insights and photos from our nomadic life on the road.

My work is about supporting others through personal sessions to heal and grow towards their authentic self – and a life in harmony with their heart and soul being. I also love to support people to connect with the magic and beauty of nature, through my paintings and photographs.

Juerg Dreamturtle is the author of “Sacred Journey – a Simple Book of Soul Wisdom, Love and Healing.”  He offers soul wisdom for people, families, communities, leaders, cultures and nations to heal and grow in love, compassion, well-being, harmony and self-sufficiency. You can listen to some of Juerg’s teachings and also follow our journey by subscribing to his youtube channel.

For more recent updates on our journey, please follow our Facebook page, “Sacred Journey”

Jaymie Elder

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