Working with our Shadow in a Soul Relationship

Love Sculptor
“Love” by Sculptor Alexander Milov

In life, and especially in our relationships,
we often do not “like”
what is being mirrored back to us or triggered by another.

We can choose to protect or defend our wounds,
turn our backs on each other
and walk away from the challenge presented to us.

However, life experience shows –
our unconscious, childhood wounds tend to follow us
into the next relationship… and the next.

In time, we realise that wisdom, self-awareness and maturity
come from looking deep inside
the childhood wounds we carry with us.

Wounds, which require another
to bring them into our conscious awareness
so that they may be faced, transformed and healed.

When we are conscious of our inner child’s needs,
we can step away and disengage from a cycle
of outer criticism, projection and blame.

We can recognise our own shadow parts –
longing to be transformed with love, understanding,
non-judgment, compassion, patience and gentleness.

We focus our energy and time
on the inner changes, we need to make
and the most important personal work we are here for.

When both partners are open to feel and connect
with their unhealed childhood wounds that get triggered,
they have an opportunity to progress
with their inner work of
healing and growing.

An intuitive guide can be very helpful to support us
in connecting with what is at the core

of our triggered emotional reactions.

He or she may also offer us beneficial tools
to support our inner child’s needs

for love, compassion and inner safety.

We can therefore approach our challenges as opportunities
to share and grow more together
towards wholeness, love and respect for each other.

With each obstacle on our path,
we have an opportunity to rise together,
reaching deeper levels of love, intimacy and healing.

A soul union is about complementing,
and enhancing
our unique energies and gifts.

It’s also about being challenged –
to confront our old identity, c
and past limited ways of being in the world.

A soul relationship can liberate us from our past –
supporting and encouraging us
to become all we can be.

The soul purpose of a relationship
is to share love
and help each other heal and grow.

– Jaymie Elder


Excerpt from: “Working with our shadow in a Soul Relationship” by Jaymie Elder.
Featured photograph: “Love” by Sculptor Alexander Milov.

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Featured photograph: “Love” by Sculptor Alexander Milov. Paua heart photograph: by Sybill Ritter and Kerie Elder (from our wedding ceremony in 2015).

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