Butterfly Medicine

Your story of metamorphosis
is unique and valuable to you and others.

“The Cleopatra Butterfly” (Gonepteryx Cleopatra)

Attaching herself to the fallen tree leaves of last autumn and remaining very calm and still while the chaotic winds blew around her, this “Cleopatra Butterfly” caught my eye.

She was the first of this species I have seen before and my first butterfly of 2020. We had only just returned to the mountains, so I felt the butterfly was a wonderful omen… reconnecting me with the Alpine places where my heart soars and I am most feeling the magic of nature around me.

The Butterfly as a spiritual messenger has long been symbolically connected to me through my “Rainbowtree Woman Mandala” but also my heart work of healing, personal growth and transformation of the soul.

To undergo any kind of personal or spiritual transformation, we must withdraw from the noise and business of the world, go within and get in touch with our own soul – like wrapping ourselves in the safety of our own cocoon.

Even among the so-called “spiritual community”, our noise-driven, “doing world”, demands that we focus on constant productivity, and visible “results”. This can make us feel anxious, overwhelmed and exhausted. We can dim our light by frequent comparison with other people’s journeys rather than focusing on creating and sharing in alignment with our own.

Spending our time truly being within our own cocoon, we can find much wisdom. We can begin to transform our earlier wounds into polished gemstones by seeing the value of the challenges and lessons which were offered to us by family and the society we grew up in.

Inside our cocoon, we feed and rejuvenate our inner being, our soul. What does your “cocoon” look and feel like? It does not have to be so complicated or as unreachable in your daily life as you might think… Maybe, it’s just sitting alone in nature for some part of the day with our journal and writing…

Our cocoon represents the time and space we create in our lives to honour our inner being, our authentic self and the soul, spirit journey we are here for – beyond our human experience.

Writing our own story can be a wonderful, empowering way to go inside the cocoon and connect with the authentic voice of our soul. I encourage others to do the same and discover the unique journey and wisdom, which only you have to share with the world.

The butterfly’s life cycle teaches us that we each have medicine to bring to the world (both for ourselves and others) because of the unique path and journey we have walked in our lifetime.

Photo and words: copyright © 2020 Jaymie Elder
“The Cleopatra Butterfly” (Gonepteryx Cleopatra)

Since January, I have spent much time writing my own story. It has been a deep process of reviewing and reflecting on my life,…owning the choices I have made, revisiting the wounds I have carried with me, realising what I have moved away from – only to return back too now at 40 years old, with more awareness, wisdom and life experience in my backpack.

As the energy of spring-renewal begins to awaken here in the Northern Hemisphere, I have recognised the transitional and powerful point I find myself to be in at this stage of my life. Where my inhibitions and low self-worth of the past blocked me, I have glimpsed at an open door towards a completely new way of experiencing myself in the world and expressing my gifts with others. This way is ultimately about letting go of control, opening myself to new possibilities and allowing my Higher Self to guide and work through me.

I hope you will continue to join me on this soul journey of unfoldment, growth, healing and transformation.

Much Love, Jaymie


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