Transforming fear into possibilities for reconnection and healing.

On this blog, I normally stick to posts on subjects such as personal growth, healing and being true to our heart and soul journey. However, like many others, I am concerned by the amount of fear-mongering currently being perpetuated by the mass media, governments and Hollywood actors, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, etc.

While foraging for delicious and healthy wild food in nature is one of my passions, I am not a herbalist and I consider myself to be a “beginner” in the field of ancient plant medicine and nutrition for healing.

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For the past 15 years, I have been learning from and together with my Swiss husband Juerg about wild mushrooms and the abundance of healing herbs and plants used by his grandparents in Switzerland. Although they lived in the city of Berne – they would take Juerg into nearby forests to look for such plants as dandelion, nettles, bear garlic, berries etc. Juerg’s grandmother lived to 99 years old and his great Aunt to 104 years old. They lived very humble, simple and healthy lifestyles.

For many years, we have been living and traveling in a small camper (mainly in the mountainous regions of Europe). This simple lifestyle has allowed us to access many diverse places in nature, giving us a huge opportunity to get to know and forage for the wild plants, herbs and mushrooms growing at our feet. You can view some of our past photos and experiences on our Facebook page – click here.


There is still so much more to learn.

I believe with a curious and open-hearted approach – every walk in nature can be an opportunity to strengthen our intuitive capabilities and open the door to the knowledge our ancestors depended upon a lot more than we tend to today.

This current covid19 crisis in the world can open the door to a huge possibility for viewing our bodies in a more holistic way. A way, in which we may reclaim the intuitive knowledge about our body’s unique and innate power to self-regulate and heal itself. Our immune system is truly amazing! As much as possible, we need to protect it from outside harmful effects like pollution, 5G, pesticides in food, high sugar diet, etc. At the same time, we can support our immune system through eating healthy (including wild plants), clean water, sufficient sunshine and sleep, loving/positive emotions, connection with nature, music and creativity, meditation, yoga etc.

Edible wild plants have been on the earth for 600 million years and mushrooms for 1.6 billion years! There are many opportunities for reconnecting with the ancient knowledge about wild plants and herbs, which grow all over the world and our ancestors have known about for millennia. Many of the old people, (especially here in the mountains of Italy) lived through many hardships and challenges. These people relied on the use of wild, medicinal plants for nutrition and even textiles (nettle and hemp). The luxury of going to a supermarket and enjoying a diverse range of fruit and vegetables (often not in season) simply did not exist!

At this time, not everyone is able to access such places in nature where they can forage for wild food. But perhaps it’s a good time to look at what Mother Earth is growing freely around our own neighborhood! Currently, I am seeing dandelions popping up all through the village we are in – along sidewalks, roads and inside stone walls! It can be surprising, to see the resilience of such plants that offer us amazing, optimal health benefits incomparable to store-bought vegetables and even often what we attempt to plant in our own gardens!

Arrivo nel nord italia 4 anni fa. Arriving in Northern Italy, 4 years ago.

I wanted to share a “bit” of my own journey with wild plants in this video and hopefully inspire you to learn and experience more for yourself.

If this is also your passion, I would love if you share your own experience with plant medicine and foraging for wild food in the comments below.


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