The Mushroom Trail and our Soul Path.

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This past weekend, Juerg and I watched the recently released, incredible documentary “Fantastic Fungi – the magic beneath us”!

I wanted to create another illustration of Juerg (above), to inspire children to imagine the underground, magical mycelium network of mushrooms and how they interconnect, support and feed all life! Do you know a child with a great imagination or who loves to colour in?

This illustration is available for download (PDF Format) so you can print it out and colour in together with your children, grandchildren, cousins, friends, nieces or nephews… If you like, write to me through this website and share a photo of the end result!

This past weekend, I also finally published a video (below) I made during September in Switzerland, while mushroom foraging in a beautiful part of the Canton Berne. I called it, “The Mushroom Trail and our Soul Path”.

If you would like to support my work and future illustrations, I would be very grateful if you would make a small donation to my pay-pal account. This will support my work now and in the future,… so I may continue to buy art materials I need and focus my energies on creating a children’s book together with my partner Juerg. Thank you so much!



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