See the value of more resting, listening, reflecting, feeling and being…

“What the soul longs for has nothing to do with the ego’s superficial wants, ambitions or desires. I experience my soul longing as an ancient calling – to come back into alignment with my authentic being, the unconditional love of Self and the true path of my hearts knowing. Sometimes, it’s more about being happy and grateful for the beauty and blessings, which surround you, right now, and trusting your journey of unfoldment rather than constantly thinking you should be somewhere else or “further ahead”, in order to be happy and fulfilled.” – Jaymie Elder

A short post created in 2019: about seeing the value of more resting, listening, reflecting, feeling and being…

Rainbowtree Woman

…see the value of more resting, listening,
reflecting, feeling and being…

*    *    *    *

Today, women find it challenging to create enough time and space to nurture their inner world. Often overlooked or neglected, this can eventually lead to all kinds of physical, mental and emotional problems such as chronic fatigue, depression, period pain or feeling unbalanced, overwhelmed, easily stressed and a lack of meaning and depth to one’s life.

Almost like an overused “cliché”, we hear the word “Soul” through the new age and spiritual community. However, we lack access to the authentic wisdom about how we women might bring more soul fulfillment and the sacred feminine into our everyday lives.

To be clear and without judgment (each stage of our journey has valuable lessons and this is not about feeling “pressured”), I am not suggesting we pamper ourselves in self-indulgent, self-care methods that only achieve short-term…

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