Italian Alps: Dandelions, traditional Walser people, wild nature, rain on our rooftop and Cento Cavalli

The following short movie is a few moments from 1 day in the Italian Alps with us…



Together with my partner Juerg Dreamturtle, I write, create and share a life of nomadic travel in our campervans (North America and in Europe). Wherever possible we spend time in nature gathering wild foods, i.e mushrooms, berries and wild weeds for cooking as well as medicine. We love to share with people and cultures, which are devoted to live a simple life in harmony with Mother Earth.

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My work is about supporting others through personal sessions to heal and grow towards their authentic self – and a life in harmony with their heart and soul being. I also love to support people to connect with the magic and beauty of nature, through my paintings and photographs.

Juerg Dreamturtle is the author of “Sacred Journey – a Simple Book of Soul Wisdom, Love and Healing.”  He offers soul wisdom for people, families, communities, leaders, cultures and nations to heal and grow in love, compassion, well-being, harmony and self-sufficiency. You can listen to some of Juerg’s teachings and also follow our journey by subscribing to his youtube channel.

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Jaymie Elder

Forest Guardians of the Parco delle Madonie, Sicily

Earlier this week, Juerg and I spent another night in the heart of the Parco delle Madonie, Sicily. Madonie is a well known National Park in Sicily, which we have returned to several times in our campervan. We feel drawn to it’s stunning and unique geological landscape, ancient Oak Trees and rocks, wildlife, spring water and abundance of wild herbs and mushrooms.

The park itself is considered to be a botanical paradise. The highest peak reaches around 2,000 metres and contains some 2,600 of Sicily’s plant species and about 150 of the 200 endemic species. Within the park area there are outcrops of rocks which have been dated at over a 200-million-year period.

I had been longing for a chance to go into the forest alone with my camera. I knew a lot of Roe Deer were living together and thriving in this region of the park (around 15oo meters above sea level). I always love to take photos, but I really was asking to experience the silence, feel the magic of this special place and connect with it’s soul.

Juerg said he was happy to spend some time sorting and researching about some of the wild mushrooms he had recently found in the forest. So I left him in our camper, just as the sun was rising up over the mountains and a new day was beginning. For me, early morning is always a special time to photograph and observe wildlife.

The deeper I walked into the forest, I could feel the presence of many eyes and beings watching my every move. 🙂 Some of the Holm Oak Trees in the park are said to be around 800 years old. I felt truly blessed to be able to spend time in the company of the old, wise trees, many deer, 3 dogs (they appeared to be wild but I was not sure!), beautiful small birds and one mysterious cat. 🙂  I could also hear the noises of wild boars in the far distance.

The magical energy of this special place will remain with me forever. The ancient soul of Sicily is revealing herself to us, in all her beauty and mystery….and not only through my camera lense… but in my own soul memory of another time when we both walked together on her soil.

It is an honour to be here!

Jaymie Elder





















Photography copyright © Jaymie Elder 2016