Soul Sessions with Jaymie

Do you wish to connect more fully with your authentic self
and your unique gifts?

Are you honoring and nurturing your spiritual gifts and abilities?

Do you feel the hurtful experiences of your inner child
are affecting your relationships, well-being, work and life?

Are you longing for a soul relationship –
where you not only share your authentic being
but support and encourage each other to grow
towards your potential in this lifetime?

 *    *    *

During a Soul Session, I offer a sacred space of love and trust for you to connect with the innocence and vulnerability of your heart and inner child.

I support you to give a voice to the parts of yourself and your life, which keep you limited and long for understanding, integration, balance and love.

I encourage you to see where in your life, you are not honouring yourself, your creativity abilites and spiritual gifts. I support you to work towards healing and transforming those aspects of self where you find it difficult or challenging to move forward and embrace the full potential of your soul journey.

Soul Sessions are supported by my own set of Rainbowtree Woman Cards. The cards depict my paintings and photographs and reflect a deep connection with nature and the wisdom of animal messengers. Each image offers a sacred opportunity for clients to connect with their subconscious longing for integration, love, healing and balance.

PLEASE NOTE: Where necessary, I use my own intuitive gifts and abilities, as well as my own spirit guidance to share valuable insights with clients. I am connecting in with your energy field, your higher self and spirit guidance. However, I do not offer spiritual forecasts/future predictions of events and circumstances in your life. A Soul Session is a unique opportunity for you to gain a deeper perspective on your life. It’s a chance to feel, reflect and connect with your own inner wise being, your own intuitive power so you may be empowered to make soulful, heart-based choices in your life.

I work with clients internationally via Skype/Telegram/Facebook Messenger/Zoom

Session fee is €50 per hour.


How to book your Soul Session with Me:

1.) Use the form below to contact me and let me know that you have read and agreed to the terms outlined in the following disclaimer.

2.) I will email you within 24 hours to book your session.

3.) Session fee is €50 per hour and is due before the session commences. Please use the link below for PayPal. If you are New Zealand, you can pay by direct credit into my bank account.

Rainbowtree Woman Soul Session


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