The Soul Purpose of our Journey

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Do you wish to grow towards being your authentic self,…
or continue to be pressured to ‚Äúachieve‚ÄĚ
based on the values and expectations of other people and society?

In today‚Äôs world, there is much pressure to conform and achieve according to the standards of other people and society. Success is seen as being “driven”, “motivated”, “famous”, ‚Äúlooking good‚ÄĚ, ‚Äúgetting ahead‚ÄĚ and accumulating status, popularity or material possessions.

Let us ask ourselves these questions,… Are¬†we being true to our heart? Are¬†we sharing the true essence of who¬†we are? Despite our self-doubts and vulnerabilities, do¬†we find the courage to keep moving forward and into the unknown? Is the life¬†we live a reflection of our own gifts, talents, and creative expression? Are¬†we sincerely devoted to our path of healing and growing? Are¬†we in alignment with a greater, higher¬†power rather than our ego’s¬†shallow needs, wants¬†and desires?

Mainstream society does not encourage self-reflection and completely neglects the inner journey of discovering who we are, embodying our unique, creative potential and a sense of purpose for our life.

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The Soul Purpose of our Journey

“The most essential in your life is your own being.

Without knowing the true essence of your being,
your heart will always remain empty and dissatisfied.

Without recognition of who you are, without inwardly awakening to that,
you stumble like a drunkard through a maze of meaningless limitations.

Remember your Self…

If you want to awaken to reality, no spiritual entertainment technique can help you.
You may have to go through the pain of disillusionment, but that’s in fact your liberation.

It is time to face yourself. “

‚Äď Gayan Sylvie Winter and Jo Dose (The Native American Wisdom Tarot)

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A soul perspective on life and suicide and how we can grow towards a more compassionate understanding of each person‚Äôs journey.

A post for people interested in exploring the deeper issues surrounding Life, Love and Suicide and how we can grow to a more compassionate understanding of each persons journey.

Rainbowtree Woman


‚ÄúJaymie, you are a wasted talent.‚Ä̬†‚Ķ.A¬†statement from a long-time family friend, (New Zealander) who I reconnected with around 10 years ago. The person‚Äôs intentions were well meaning. The statement came from a place of admiration for my artistic talents but also concern. I would be lying if I said these words did not hurt ‚Äď and they have remained with me to this day.

On reflection, I know this person’s statement was how they were feeling about their own unfulfilled dreams, gifts and potential…I could feel sadness in her words …. A sadness which was hers, not mine.

The energy and symbolism behind her words has been a common thread throughout my life. A thread or belief, which is about ‚Äúnever feeling good enough‚Ä̂Ķ.

In our modern world, there is much pressure and expectation to achieve through our mind or body. I’ve touched on this subject…

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Soul work needs no approval or recognition from others

“Your work is not to drag the world into a new awareness, kicking and screaming.
Your work is to simply do your work, sacredly, secretly and silently
And those with ‚Äúeyes to see‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúears to hear‚ÄĚ will respond….”
– Unknown

Recently, I have been spending time alone in the beautiful spring nature of the European Alps. Almost as soon as we arrived, I found myself drawn to the alpine wild flowers, abundant, lively bees and colourful hives around me…

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So what is the message of the bee? 

Above all, bee shows us devotion towards a higher purpose and the magical interconnectedness in all of life. Bee is completely devoted to work for the common good of the hive.

This can mirror the commitment we make to our own soul work Рthe on-going work of healing, transforming, learning and growing towards our higher purpose РHigher Self or spiritual potential.

*   *   *

“Ultimately, this devotion to our soul work
is the greatest service we offer humanity.
When we raise our vibration through healing  
and transforming our core wounds (our shadow)

–¬†we influence the greater consciousness

of humanity and all of creation.”

*   *   *

Find that hard to believe? Over many years, I have observed that my own inner work has extended out to influence those around me in subtle ways Рfamily, animals, partnerships, friends or strangers.

Our soul journey of healing and transformation, is unique¬†to each one of us. As we¬†continue on this journey, we can increasingly recognise the value of¬†our inner work.¬†This work¬†does not require the approval or recognition of others! Perhaps this is the most liberating part about our soul work! …No one else in this world has lived, felt, seen and shared¬†the same experiences as each one of us…No one else walks the¬†same path to know and feel¬†their own divinity –¬†their own Higher Self or spiritual essence.

How can we integrate the wisdom of the bee into our own lives
and for our own Soul Journey?

The bee is a symbol for soul wisdom. Bee collects pollen from many flowers and turns it into nourishing honey –¬†the gold of bees. Just so, we collect experiences from the¬†many circumstances of our life – painful, loving, challenging and beautiful…and from these experiences we can extract spiritual gold.

This spiritual gold is a result of our willingness and courage¬†to be honest and true to ourselves,… to¬†feel deeply into our own wounds – our own patterns, beliefs, masks, our¬†shadow personalities, our¬†hurt inner children¬†– all of which long for the light of our conscious awareness, understanding,¬†love, forgiveness and compassion.


Are we devoted to our path of healing (soul work)?

In today’s busy world, it is so easy to distract ourselves from facing¬†and owning how we are truly feeling.

Just like any form of addiction, we can use social media to instantly distract ourselves from our emotions and feelings. Spending hours online, we can get lost amongst¬†endless information, music, videos, nice photographs, “what we want to see” in order to “feel better“. Or, we may take the anger, frustration or helplessness we feel and project huge amounts of energy into endless arguments with people whom we may never meet in person.

These¬†emotions and patterns¬†will always re-surface again and again until we are ready to look at and work with the truth in ourselves.¬†We can try, but in the end we can not hide from the truth. Eventually, when we are ready, our soul calls to us, ….loud enough so that we must pay attention.

We grow in love by having the courage to truly face (not turn away) from our uncomfortable emotions i.e. anger, doubt, fear, sadness, jealousy, etc…. We grow in love by¬†being fully present and honest¬†with ourselves and others. It is simple to write about but not easy to practise in all of our relationships, especially with ourselves.

Let us begin today, in small ways…
those with ‚Äúeyes to see‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúears to hear‚ÄĚ will respond….

Let us practise being devoted and humble like the bee. Let us start today, in small ways,…becoming more present with our emotions, feelings and allowing our heart to guide us in all our actions.

The more we are practising this in our everyday lives, the more we realise that it is our energy that draws people and experiences to us. Rather than judge the experiences as good or bad / right or wrong, we trust and know that somewhere, somehow…. it is for the highest good of our souls evolution.

With an open mind and heart, we can ask for our own inner guidance to come forward….we delve deeper for the hidden (shadow) learning, messages and wisdom about our own life and journey, which can be reflected back to us through another person, experience or encounter. This is the way of the spiritual alchemist – the humble yet extraordinary bee – collecting pollen (experience) and transforming it into honey (wisdom).

This does not mean we over-analyse situations, experiences and people with our mind. We are inviting the wise, intuitive, feminine or feeling part of our being to come forward and help us to understand, transform, heal and grow.

When we look outside for recognition, rewards or approval for our actions our focus is mis-directed. With humility and devotion like the bee, we know that no matter what the outcome, we must keep moving forward on our journey.

*   *   *

You cannot force someone to comprehend a message
that they are not ready to receive.
But….¬†never underestimate the power of planting a seed.

*   *   *

The more we are being authentically who we are, (less concerned about what others think or say about us or trying to “prove” something to others)…we are vibrating (buzzing ūüôā ) in our core essence. We are touching others with our energy, dispersing seeds of consciousness, love and truth – meanwhile, always continuing with our own soul work.

This is truly the highest we can bee. ūüėä


Bee Prayer: Winged spirit of sweetness,
I call on you.
Teach me the ways of
Transformation and fertilisation,
The path from pollen to sweetness honey.
Teach me to taste the essence
Of each place I alight,
Carrying that essence with me
To continue creation’s cycle.
Teach me the ways of hope,
Reminding me that what seems impossible
May yet be achieved.
Flitting tears of the gods,
Draw me ever closer to the wisdom
Hidden within beauty.
Give me flight and sunlight,
Passion and productivity,
Cooperation with those around me
And sharpened strength to defend my home.
May I ever spiral out from my heart,
Searching for what I need,
And return there once again
To turn those lessons into nourishment.
Bee spirit, I call you.
Source: Animal Totem


Jaymie Elder is a soul journey guide, artist, photographer and traveller offering intuitive guidance/sessions internationally via Skype. Jaymie is dedicated to supporting others to heal and grow towards their authentic self ‚Äď and a life in harmony with their heart and soul being. Learn more about Jaymie and her work here.

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