Working with me to create your animal portrait

1.) Taking photographs of your pet

Please note!…the clearer the photo, the more detail I can work into your animal portrait.

For the best result, please take a photo using a digital camera – photos taken using a phone camera are not suitable because they are usually too small and become pix-elated when enlarged. Please also note: Photos downloaded from Facebook are also not suitable because they are low resolution (too small and pix-elated).

Tips for taking great photos of your pet for me to work from:

@ Use a digital camera – not a phone camera.

@ Use natural light i.e outdoors.
Indoor photos using artificial light tend to give a blurry effect.
Natural light gives the sharpest and clearest photos.
However, avoid bright sunlight as it will create strong shadows.

@ Photograph them as close as possible (head and shoulders).
Remember not to cut off the ears!

@ Looking down on your pet can sometimes give a goofy,
cartoon/caricature look to your photo/portrait.

@ Best photos show a side view of your animal companion but
looking directly at the camera can also be fine.

@ If you don’t wish the collar to be visible in the portrait,
please remove it for your photographs.


2.) Emailing your photos

Send your photos through to me via email –

Please send me 5 to 6 photos of your animal companion. We can then discuss which one I should work with. It is good for me to see a range of photos of your pet so I can get a better understanding of colour, markings and any unique characteristics, which help to portray their personality. These additional photos may not be what I choose to work from, so they do not have to be the best quality – however, they do help me to build a balanced impression of your pet.

Special Note: Memorial Portraits – I am honoured to use my intuitive abilities to create a lasting and very special memory of your deceased pet. It is possible that you have a limited supply of good photos of your deceased pet. If you are not sure if any are suitable, write to me and we can discuss further.


3.) Deposit

For colour pastel drawings, I require a 50% deposit before commencing the work. Once the payment has been received, I will begin working on your portrait.

The easiest and secure way to pay is via PayPal, which is free for you.

If you are in New Zealand, you can also pay by direct credit into my NZ Kiwibank account.

Use the link below to pay your deposit through PayPal:


Deposit: Soul Art Portrait by Jaymie Elder


4.) Communication with you

During the process of creating your portrait, I will email you to keep you informed of the progress made.


5.) Final payment and delivering your portrait

Once the portrait is complete, I will email you a photograph with an invoice for the balance of the cost. This invoice will also include the cost of shipment via registered international mail.

I will email you a link to make the final payment (including shipment for your portrait).

Upon receipt of the final payment, I shall mail the portrait and advise you of the tracking details so that you can monitor shipping progress online.

Portraits are sprayed with a fixative spray to stop the pastel from rubbing onto your fingers when handling them. Boards ensure that your portrait cannot be bent during transit.


If you have any further questions, please contact me through my email:
Or, simply use the contact form below: